WANDEROAST’s signature smooth coffee is driven by process mastery.

The driving force for developing WANDEROAST was the dissatisfaction we felt with over-roasted, bitter coffee, masked with creams and sugars. We say, “Char Sucks!”

Using our knowledge of biochemistry, lean processes, wine, and coffee we strive for refined, fresh, aromatic roasts every time.

We start with beans sourced from unique countries around the world. The growing regions drive the unique profile of each coffee. Curious about the bean you are enjoying right now? Click over to our product overview, and see how the soil (volcanic or clay), altitude and even the coffee bean variety lead to unforgettable flavors.

Next we explore the roasting process. To get a winning cup, a bean changing reaction is required. Heating the bean activates the sugars and optimizes the acids. Our proprietary roasting technology, developed in our hometown of Modesto, CA, combines the best of two roasting methods. We use mesh drums with high airflow to remove the outer layer, also known as chaff, as a natural part of the roasting process. Once the air has passed through the cyclone and recirculated back into the roast chamber, we gradually release the smoke while maintaining relative humidity. This prevents the beans from over drying which protects the nuances of each variety’s signature flavors.

An additional advantage is 90% lower volatile emissions versus most coffee roasting technologies. After all, we at WANDEROAST believe in protecting and preserving the earth, and seek a happy median where great coffee means sustainability.

WANDEROAST is a combination of art and science. Whether you are enjoying a Costa Rican espresso, or the eclectic South Central Blend, we hope you agree it is quite possibly the freshest, smoothest coffee you will taste.